Gogoro Electric, the master of swappable batteries has finally forayed into the Indian market, with the successful homologation of its Gogoro 2 and 2 Plus electric scooters series.

The continuous power output is 7.2 kW for Gogoro 2 and 6.4 kW for Gogoro 2 Plus. The difference in power output results in different claimed ranges – 85km on the 2 and 97km on the 2 Plus.

Battery and Range

The original vehicle comes with two swappable batteries. This means that the vehicle will come in different designs.

Its tire pressure monitoring system ensures that you always have a safe and comfortable ride, while the front and rear disk brakes provide excellent stopping power.

Gogoro 2 Plus: Design

Gogoro’s battery swapping system allows you to swap your depleted battery for a fully charged one in a matter of seconds.

Battery-swapping System

Gogoro uses a subscription-based model where customers pay a monthly fee to use the battery-swapping network. The company then recycles the used batteries, ensuring that there’s zero waste.