The two founders, Shashi Pathak and Desh Deepak Dwivedi have worked in the startup ecosystem for the past seven years.

Future Garages

They decided to take a break from their monotonous routine lives and create something of their own. So they put all their proceeds into converting an ICE engine motorcycle to an electric one.

Future Garages

Battling the test of time and the global pandemic they created their first working prototype in early 2020 ranging from the Design to Innovation Centre. 

Future Garages

The founder said, “The two-wheeler market is the greatest in India in terms of numbers, giving them much-needed motivation for the business to start making sense.”

The Idea Behind The Product

Price :- The pricing is supposed to be within 1,50,000. Range :- It can go up to 200kms/charge. Top-Speed :- The top speed of the e-bike can round up to 100kmph.