Ford EV Owners Will Get Access to Tesla’s Supercharging Network by 2024

Ford and Tesla have announced that Ford's electric vehicles will be able to charge at Tesla's upcoming Spring supercharger stations in the USA and Canada.

According to Musk, he does not want Tesla’s network to be a walled garden, and he wants to use it to support sustainable transportation.

Farley told that the Ford vehicle owners would have to pay something, such as a monthly subscription for charging their vehicles in Tesla supercharger stations.

But by the year 2025, Ford will be having Tesla’s North American charging standard connector, with its second-generation electric vehicles.

Adapters for Charging Stations

Farley told Tesla’s superchargers have great locations. supercharging network of Tesla will join Ford’s blue oval charging network, and it has about 10,000 fast charging stations.

Supercharging Locations

Musk told that “With the help of the Ford App, the electric vehicle owners of the Ford company can access the chargers from Tesla company”.

Supercharging Locations