Ford Chennai Plant on VinFast’s Radar for India Entry

Vietnamese automaker VinFast is actively exploring options to establish its manufacturing base in India.

VinFast, a prominent Vietnamese electric vehicle manufacturer, is actively considering the Ford India factory in Chennai as part of its global expansion strategy.

VinFast’s Indian Manufacturing Exploration

VinFast envisions India not only as a domestic market but also as a vital export base, particularly for right-hand drive markets in the latter part of this decade.

India as an Export Hub

VinFast’s goal in India is to establish a manufacturing facility capable of producing a minimum of 100,000 units.

Production Capacity Goals

VinFast has achieved remarkable success in its home market of Vietnam and has expanded its presence to the United States and Europe.

Global Success

Their vision includes establishing India as a key export hub, leveraging Tamil Nadu’s automotive ecosystem for their manufacturing endeavors.