EV Skateboard Platform: Introduction, Types & Future

A platform is the basic framework of a car, without a body, chassis, or power unit such as an engine or motor.

Types of Platform Chassis

What is EV Skateboard Platform?

A monocoque chassis is incredibly easy to build. The car’s structure, foundation, and body are made up of all its mechanical components. 

Monocoque Chassis

Simply linked to the framework are the outer body panels, seats, suspension, engine, and gearbox. 

Monocoque Chassis

The ladder frame is supported by two short beams and has two long, heavy beams. It is adaptable and simple to produce.

Ladder Frame

The off-roading capabilities are improved and the suspension could move farther and almost independently of the body due to its simplicity of production and ability to be moved separately from the body.

Ladder Frame

Connecting the front and rear suspension attachment points is a sturdy tubular backbone that is typically rectangular in shape.

Backbone Frame

The body panels have little to no structural value and are just used to join the suspension, engine, and body panels to a skeletal structure of tubes.

Space Frame

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