EV Platform

What Exactly is the Concept Behind the EV Platform?

In the present scenario, the world is going through an industrial transition from fossil fuel-based automobiles to the EV-based industry.

The basic structure is based on the concept that this platform will act as a fully autonomous system that consists of many components of an EV, such as battery assembly, wheels, and suspension system.

What is the EV platform?

If the manufacturer wants to make automobiles independent of size and type, redesigning the chassis is unnecessary. The platform makes changing the wheelbase the track width, and the battery housing easy.

EV platform enables flexible automobile manufacturing.

In the past, vehicle manufacturers utilized their old petrol-powered automobile bodies by removing a petrol-powered system with battery assembly.

Why do we need to redesign the present architecture?

The EV concept will be based on Tata Motors’ first ‘Born Electric’ platform, which will feature a variety of body designs with two- and three-row seating configurations that could be ready to hit the road as early as 2025.

EV platform and Indian industry