Euler Motors: a Growing name in E3W Commercial Vehicle Manufacturing

Euler Motors is a Delhi-based that focuses explicitly on manufacturing Electric three-wheeler Commercial Vehicles used to transport goods into different cities. 

Euler Motor’s vision is different than any upcoming EV manufacturing company, it aspires to bring sustainability to transport.

The vision of the company

This young man from Purnia earned a scholarship to study abroad and acquired a high-paying job but returned to the country to contribute to his nation. With the help of $2.2 million in funding, he is currently developing the EV firm Euler Motors.

The Founder:  Saurav Kumar

Loading Capacity :- It has a load capacity of 688kg. Battery Capacity :- It has a battery capacity of 12kwh


Range :- The vehicle provides a range of 170km. Power :- The engine exerts a torque of 88.5 Nm.


1. Liquid Cooled Battery 2. Vehicle Tracking System 3. Safe Cabin


Home- charging: Onboard Charger for a hassle-free plug and charge experience. Fast Charger: Flash27 Fast Charger gives you a 50 km range in 15 minutes.

The Charging Network of the Euler Motors

Charging Hubs: 500+ charging points across Delhi/NCR, Bangalore, and Hyderabad. Charge on Wheels: Roadside charging and breakdown assistance.

The Charging Network of the Euler Motors

Euler’s EVs have an in-built Vehicle Intelligence, it is called the Euler Shepherd. It is a mobile application and a web platform that provides real-time information and data about your fleet.

Vehicle Intelligence: Smart Commercial EV