Austrian Car Manufacturer Deus Automobiles is scheduled to launch Deus Vayanne 2025, with a 99-unit manufacturing cap.

This electric hypercar stands out from other hypercars on the market due to its distinctive aerodynamic efficiency design.

The Deus Vayanne’s front and rear designs feature the infinite symbol, which also metaphorically represents the life expectancy of the electric automobile.


The smooth outlines in the speaker design are complimented by the dominating strong design feature such as parametric grills in the front and the rear.


The center armrest, wireless charging pad, and electrically adjustable seats of this electric hypercar all add to the convenience of the driver.


Range: 310 miles speed: 250 mph Power: 20243 hp Battery: 85 kWh


According to several reports, this electric car is expected to cost around $2 million in the international market.