might have Different Colors, Design, and Frunk ahead of Deliveries

The updated Cybertruck is called  Cybertruck 2.0 and we can find it launching in the market soon after Tesla rolls out the updated model of Model 3.

Musk’s goal to break the monotony of pickup truck designs remains intact, offering an eye-catching yet polished appearance.

With distinctive edge-lines, LED-strip headlights, and taillights, it retains the cyberpunk-inspired aesthetic, now with a more finished look.

Enhanced details

Additionally, it surprises enthusiasts with a front trunk, or “frunk,” accessible by sliding forward, providing extra storage space for various items.

New Color and Frunk Option

The metal used in the  Cybertruck 2.0 suggests a departure from the ultra-hard space-grade material of the original. The new metal allows for 3D curves and embossing.

New Metal