Electric SUV: Price, Range & Specification

Cupra, a Spanish manufacturer of sports automobiles, will introduce the Tavascan, a tiny crossover SUV that runs entirely on electricity.

Volkswagen Anhui and JAC Motors are collaborating to build the Cupra Tavascan, which will be distributed through Cupra Racing.

Its exterior is totally coated in a matte color with a black contrast in the lower half, giving the Cupra Tavascan a highly sporty and upscale compact electric SUV.


Sennheiser speakers, flex lighting, and gold trim on the Cupra Tavascan compact electric SUV keep the atmosphere cheerful and pleasant at all times.


Tavascan Endurance and Tavascan VZ are the names of the two different variants of the Cupra Tavascan.


Range: 547 km Speed: 180 km/h Battery: 77 kWh Power: 210 kW

Cupra Tavascan Endurance

Range: 517 km Speed: 180 km/h Battery: 77 kWh Power: 250 kW

Cupra Tavascan VZ

The Cupra Tavascan compact crossover electric SUV is still a way off from being on sale, but initial reports indicate that it will cost approx. 55,000 pounds.