Electric Car: Price, Features & Launch Update

BYD Seal Electric Car is a compact luxury electric sedan, which is expected to launch in the third quarter of the year 2023 in India.

The BYD Seal Electric Car is made of highly high-quality glossy material on its exterior, making it a genuinely luxurious electric vehicle.


Range: 700 km Moose test: 83.5 km/h Battery: BYD blade battery Speed: 0-100 km/h Drag coefficient: 0.219 Cd


Build quality is what distinguishes BYD electric vehicles from other electric vehicles on the market since it ensures the highest levels of power, longevity, and safety.

Build Quality

In order to deeply integrate the drive, braking, and steering systems using various software and technologies, the BYD Seal Electric Car was built using the e-platform 3.0 technology.