Electric Sedan Price, Range & Specifications

The BYD Han is a midsize luxury electric sedan launched in March 2023 by Chinese manufacturers. 

The exterior of the brand-new BYD Han is extremely dazzling and features a unique, cutting-edge design. The BYD Han’s 19″ wheels enhance both the vehicle’s aesthetics and stability to the highest level. 


Talking about its Interior, the seats in the BYD Han are ergonomically designed, comfy, and opulent. The interior layout and accessibility of the controls.


Its chassis is constructed using extremely advanced architecture, making it a very potent electric vehicle. BYD Blade Battery is the type of battery that is used in BYD Han. One of the safest batteries in the world.

Build Quality

Range: 662 km Speed: 180 km/h Power: 380 kW Torque: 700 Nm


The manufacturers have chosen to launch sales of the BYD Han EV model in China first. The cost is 229,800 RMB, or roughly $32,800, in China.