Bollinger B2

Electric Pickup Truck Price, Range & Specification

The Bollinger B2 is an electric pickup truck that Bollinger Motors, an American company, announced in 2017.

American businessman Robert Bollinger established Bollinger Motors in 2014. Their main goal when entering the market was to concentrate on and develop electric vehicles for only the pickup truck segment.

About the Manufacturers

The Bollinger B2 boasts a rugged, minimalist design, emphasizing strength and functionality. Its sturdy chassis and robust tires make it ideal for off-road adventures.


Bollinger attempted to give it a highly traditional and metallic aesthetic, which is evident in the interior component detailing.


Battery: 120 kWh Range: 200 miles Speed: 100 mph Payload capacity: 5001 pounds


AdditionallySeveral unique features of the Bollinger B2 electric pickup truck include lockable frunk storage, detachable doors, onboard anti-lock regenerative brakes, and two-speed, hi/lo gearboxes.