A Lightweight Electric Bike Presented at MetaRide

On 8th July 2023, the brand-new BWM CE 02, a compact and light electric bike was presented by BMW Motorrad.

BWM MetaRide

Speaking of BWM MetaRide, users may ride and explore the new BMW CE 02 using avatars. This virtual reality experience looks like the emergence of new-age technology.

BWM MetaRide

Moreover, BMW MetaRide will provide a virtual environment that closely resembles the actual world as well as a gathering spot for fans and the BMW Motorrad brand.


The designers made an effort to keep this electric bike’s design straightforward giving it a distinctive and distinct appearance.


Regarding the aesthetics and appeal of the BMW CE 02, Gray metallic matte paint is used that acts as a contrast color.


Range: 95 km Power: 11 kW Speed: 95 km/h


Additionally, the CE 02 has a 3,5″ tiny TFT display that is situated in the middle of the handlebars to allow riders to readily examine the dashboard without being distracted.


The BMW CE 02 has a starting price of 8,500 euros in Germany, while it’s not available in many other nations.