BIS approved India’s first AC, DC combined charging connector for Light EVs

The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS), the recognized National Standard Body of India, has approved the country’s first ever indigenously developed AC and DC Combined Charging connector standard for light electric vehicles (LEVs).

In a remarkable and unprecedented effort, NITI Aayog, the Department of Science and Technology, ARAI, EV manufacturers, and the Bureau of Indian Standards collaborated to establish a national standard.

Pioneering Collaborative Effort

This standard is a response to a significant market gap that exists due to the absence of a standardized connector for combined AC and DC charging systems designed exclusively for light electric vehicles.

Addressing a Market Void

shri B.V.R Subrahmanyam

CEO of NITI Aayog

Recognizing the need for a common charging system for Light EVs in India due to the lack of international standards, it was crucial to create one domestically. This allows Light EV users to charge from either an AC or DC outlet.

Swapnil Jain

Founder, Ather Energy

This is a remarkable achievement because, for the first time, an India-designed and developed technology can be used globally.

This groundbreaking standard not only addresses a significant market gap but also sets a global benchmark as the world’s first combined AC and DC charging connector for LEVs.