In June 2022, BGauss launched an electric scooter in the Indian market with a variety of new features- BGauss D15.

BGauss D15 has a sleek, typical non-electric type scooter look. Its dashboard offers an extremely wide view, allowing drivers to concentrate solely on the road ahead.


It is available in two different variants. Those two variants are called BGauss D15 i and BGauss D15 pro.


Range:- 115 km/ch Speed:- 60 km/h Motor:- PMSM Battery:-  3.2 kWh


This electric scooter takes roughly 5 hours and 30 minutes to charge. Tubeless tires are placed on 16-inch aluminum alloy wheels.

Also, this electric scooter has three-speed modes, which correlate to the gears in non-electric vehicles. Eco mode, Sports mode, and Reverse mode are the names of those three modes.



The ex-showroom price for BGauss D15 i is 1.05 lakh and for BGauss D15 pro is 1.18 lakhs.