Electric Cars

in Indonesia in 2022

The electric car industry has risen dramatically in recent years as the globe focuses on lowering carbon emissions and tackling climate change. Indonesia is likewise encouraging the use of electric vehicles.

Wuling Air EV

Battery: 17.3 kWh Range: 200 Km Motor: 30 kW   Price: $11,860

Hyundai Ioniq 5

Speed: 185 kph Range: 631 Km Power: 3.6kw   Price: $42,785

Nissan Leaf

Battery: 40kWh Range: 212 miles Motor: 110 kW   Price: $27,800 

Hyundai Ioniq EV

Battery: 28kWh Range: 280 Km Motor: 100kW   Price: $50,728 

Lexus UX300e 

Battery: 54.3 kWh Output: 201 Hp Torque: 300 Nm   Price: $79,990