The company is one of the popular manufacturers of electric scooters in India. Benling has great experience in manufacturing electric scooters in both high-speed and low-speed sectors.

The Falcon electric scooter is provided with a USB port for phone charging, an intelligent and digital large speedometer console, a regenerative braking system, DRL’s headlamps, and a theft protection alarm.


The Falcon electric scooter has two battery packs. One is the LFP battery with the rating 60V / 24 Ah*5, and the other is the Lithium-ion battery with the rating 60 V / 30 Ah*1.


The fast charger can charge the electric scooter in about 4 hours with the Li-ion battery, and in 5 hours for LFP. The charging time is 7-8 hours for the VRLA mode of charging the battery.


The Benling Falcon low-speed electric scooter is provided with a brushless electric motor of the rating 250 W and 60 V.


The Benling Falcon electric scooter can achieve a range of 70-75 km. And, its top speed is 25 km/hour as it’s manufactured as a low-speed electric scooter.


The Benling Falcon electric scooter comes in two variants. One of the variants, called Benling Falcon LA, is available for Rs. 64,000 and Benling Falcon LI priced at Rs. 70, 663 in the Indian market.