Bajaj Chetak

Urbane Electric Scooter Launched With Latest Features

Bajaj Auto just released a new version of their Chetak electric scooter called the Chetak Urbane. This electric scooter promises an enhanced riding experience with a blend of style and performance.

According to the Bajaj website, the Urbane boasts a range of 113km, surpassing the current Chetak’s claimed real-world range of 108km.


Urbane’s figure is IDC-certified, and real-world performance may vary. Both models share the same 2.9 kWh battery capacity, indicating efficient power management.


The optional “Tecpac” upgrade boosts the top speed to an exhilarating 73 km/h. This variant also introduces a Sport mode, adding a touch of excitement to your daily commute.

Top Speed

The regular charger’s speed has decreased from 800W to 650W, resulting in a longer charging time—from 3 hours and 50 minutes to 4 hours and 50 minutes.


1. Brooklyn Black 2. Indigo Metallic 3. Cyber White 4. Matte Coarse Grey