450 Apex

Fastest Electric Scooter teased ahead of launch

Ather Energy is gearing up to broaden its range of electric scooters, particularly within the 450 series. CEO Tarun Mehta recently provided a glimpse of the upcoming flagship model, named the 450 Apex.

There’s anticipation for a special edition model called Series 2, featuring completely transparent body panels, as teased by Mehta earlier this month on his X handle.

Tarun Mehta

Say that this electric scooter would be packed with top-notch features, justifying its premium price tag. Based on a video where experts tested the 450 Apex, it appears to offer thrilling performance.

Apart from the 450 Apex, the Bengaluru-based EV startup is also developing a new family electric scooter set to launch next year. This upcoming model is anticipated to be more budget-friendly compared to the current lineup.

Additional electric scooters

The focus is on keeping costs in check while maintaining a comparable single-charge range to provide a more affordable option for potential electric scooter enthusiasts.

Additional electric scooters