Ampere electric a segment of Greaves Electric Mobility set out to the world of electric vehicles in 2008.

Speed :- 50-55 km/ph Range :- 120 km Battery :- 2.3 KWh Power :- 1.8 KW


To make the scooter reach a larger audience, the company offers attractive financing options for the purchase of an electric scooter, with competitive interest rates starting at 8.99%.


Additionally, customers may be eligible for low-to-zero interest EMIs, and financing of up to 80% of the electric scooter price, making it an affordable and financially viable option.


The company unveiled the price of the scooter Rs. 75,000. Not just this, the company has relaxed the prices up to Rs. 69,900 for some states like Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Jharkhand, and many more.