All EV Platforms: Tata, Mahindra, Hyundai, Volkswagen & Renault

A platform is a primary vehicle frame without a power unit (an engine or a motor), a chassis, or a body. The basic structure is based on the concept of this platform.

What is an EV Platform?

Tata Motors’ Gen-3 EV platform

1. Scalable Skateboard Platform 2. Variable Wheelbase 3. Low Centre of Gravity 4. Optimized Space Management

Mahindra's INGLO platform

1. Remarkable Power 2. Endless Modularity 3. Battery Excellence 4. Semi-Active Suspension 5. High-Performance Computing 6. World-Class Safety

Hyundai's E-GMP platform

1. Passive safety steel structure 2. Longer wheelbase 3. Integrated drive axle

Renault & Nissan's CMF-B EV platform

1. Cost Effectiveness 2. Modular design 3. Compact Engine Compartment 4. Spacious Interior

Volkswagen's MEB platform

1. Enhanced Range 2. Faster Charging 3. Modular Battery Concept 4. Interior Space