Electric Motorcycle Launched at a Price of 1.80 Lakh, 180Km Range

We all were overwhelmed by the launch of Ola Bikes but wait we have a new player in the electric bike arena called ABZO based out in Ahmedabad Gujrat.

Its LED headlamp and tail lamp not only offer excellent visibility but also add to its aesthetic appeal.


One of the key highlights of the ABZO VS01 is its regenerative braking system, which significantly improves efficiency.

Breaking System

Performance-wise, the ABZO VS01 stands strong, delivering an impressive 6.3 kW of power. It accelerates from 0 to 60 km/ph in a mere 6 seconds.


For urban commuters, the ABZO VS01 offers exceptional practicality, boasting a remarkable range of over 180 km on a single charge