75% of Tata EV owners use their Tata EVs as primary vehicles  Tata Motors

This pivotal shift reflects the success of Tata EV in overcoming challenges and positioning itself as a frontrunner in the electric vehicle (EV) market.

Shailesh Chandra

Managing Director of Tata Motors Said

He said that 75% of Tata EV owners have embraced Tata vehicles as their primary mode of transportation.

Obstacles, encompassing unattractive body styles, high upfront costs, performance concerns, range anxiety, and inadequate charging infrastructure, were met with determined efforts from Tata EV.

Identifying Key Barriers and Tata’s Commitment

No wonder, owing to such efforts, in 2023 Tata EV stood at the first position in terms of sales and reported an 85% share in the EV Market. 

Revolutionizing Perception with Groundbreaking EVs

The recent introduction of Acti. ev, Tata’s pure EV architecture, with the Tata Punch as its inaugural vehicle, signifies a significant leap towards sustainable mobility.

Infrastructure Development

Today, an impressive 75% of EV owners confidently choose Tata vehicles as their primary mode of transportation, indicating the remarkable success of Tata’s endeavors. 

Infrastructure Development