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6 Factors to Consider When Setting up Commercial EV Charging Station

India has reached a crucial junction of sustainable energy as well as sustainable transportability.

The government aims to achieve zero carbon emissions in energy generation and reduce the share of fossil fuel-generated electricity.

Growth of the EV Industry

There are about 1.4 million electric vehicles running on the road in India. The growth of personal electric vehicles is showing a steep increase. In the financial year 2018-19.

The 6 factors to consider when setting up a commercial EV charging station

#1 Location of Charging stations #2 Charging Time required for a vehicle #3 Waiting time #4 Cost of charging per vehicle #5 Charging technology used #6 Source of electricity

Location of EV Charging Stations

The 1st choice for the charging point for EV owners is their respective homes where they plug in their vehicle when it is idle before or after the journey.

Location of EV Charging Stations

The 2nd preferred point is the location of the workplace. The owners may plug in their vehicle when they reach their work so the vehicle is ready for the return journey later.

Charging Time Required for a Vehicle to Charge

Various vehicles have their specific charging input requirements. The charging stations need to provide facilities to cater to the need of all kinds of vehicles.

Cost of Charging an EV

The charging station provider may look for other auxiliary and innovative ways to get money from the users. For instance, they may use the station to provide some leisure services food, or PVR for the customers while they wait for their vehicles to charge.

Types of Charging Technology Used

The advantage of using wireless inductive charging is that it does not require any moving part to be attached or detached from the EV for charging.