2024 Tesla

Model 3

Price, Range, and Specifications

The Tesla Model 3 is a fully electric fastback car produced by Tesla Inc., one of the most renowned American producers of electric vehicles.

Around 50% of the components, as well as the exterior and interior designs, have been modified in the new version of the electric car by Tesla to make it more fashionable, safer, more luxurious, and aerodynamically efficient.

The Tesla Model 3 has more pronounced daylight and smaller, more streamlined LED lighting than previous models, giving the vehicle a more aggressive appearance.


The interior of the Tesla Model 3 features a new dash design with a huge landscape screen and is extremely minimalistic.


Range: 272 miles Speed: 140 mph Wheels: 18” or 19” Drivetrain: Rear-wheel drive


One of the biggest changes is that Tesla claims this car can absorb noise. To make the Tesla Model 3 quieter and more comfortable while driving in noisy areas.

Noise Reduction

It also has an enhanced version of the Airway 2.0 system, which is located beneath the screen, and you can now really turn off the air system from the screen.


1. Model 3: $40,240 2. Model 3 Long Range: $47,240 3. Model 3 Performance: $53,240