Kia EV3

Electric Compact SUV: A Closer Look at Innovation

Kia, a Korean automotive brand celebrated its inaugural EV day last week, where the brand revealed its future goals in the field of electrification and also unveiled KIA EV3.

This compact electric SUV has a sharp look with straight lines and keeps the boxy shape the same as seen in compact SUVs.


Inside the EV3 concept, the cabin is simple and clean, with hardly any physical buttons on the dashboard. Kia has kept the two-screen setup from their current models.


It is expected to feature a battery with a capacity ranging between 50-70 kWh with both single and dual-motor setups, with power outputs expected to range from 200 bhp to 300 bhp.

Battery and Power

We expect the Kia EV3 to offer V2L and V2V functionalities and DC fast charging capabilities of up to 175 kW.

Battery Charging

Kia aims to introduce smaller EVs like EV5, EV3, and EV4, with prices ranging from $35,000 to $50,000, to accelerate the widespread adoption of EVs.