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https://e-vehicleinfo.com/types-of-ev-charger-pricing-for-charging-electric-vehicles/The biggest problem of Electric vehicle adoption in India is the lack of charging stations but with this, the cost of different types of charging spots is also an issue for the new commerce industry who want to set up EV Charger stations or buy an EV charging plant in India.

Currently, there are 1,800 charging stations in India as of March 2021 and many of them are only in metro cities.

In this article, we have mentioned Types of EV chargers in India and how much will it cost to charge your electric vehicle battery.

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What are the Types of EV Charger

 There are 3 types of EV charger

  • Level 1   Portebal Charger
  • Level 2   AC charger or DC charger
  • Level 3   Fast DC CC2 charger

Level 1 Portebal Charger 

Portebale charger works on 220V. These portable chargers can be used even at home. Its power output is between 1.56 to 3 kW. With this, an electric car can be fully charged in 16 or 30 hours.

A portable charger comes with the advantage that it does not require any additional hardware but it charges the battery slowly due to low output.

Lavel 2 AC Charger or DC Charger 

You can charge the battery with AC and DC charger. The maximum output capacity of AC charging is 22 kW. And this charger comes with a Type 2 plug, in addition, DC charging is also available in Level 2, which uses a DC 001 charger.

The DC charger has a maximum output capacity of 20 kW to 150 kW.

Lavel 3 fast DC CC2 charger 

The Fast DC CC2 charger has a power output of 30 kW or more, has a variety of charging standards. usually, it uses CCS2, it also has a liquid freezing system that allows it to have low energy loss so that it can support 500 kW of power.

Pricing for Charging Electric Vehicles

Currently, the company does it with 4 different pricing models.

  1. Time-based pricing- The price is charged from 14 to 18 per minute keeping in mind the time frame.
  2. KWH or unit base- It costs Rs 13 per kWh to Rs 20 per kWh and some charging stations charge a fixed standard fee of Rs 15 – 17 to start.
  3. Subscription-based- Some companies charge based on subscription plans and how the electric vehicle is charged.
Green  BlueRedNitrocharge
Energy37.7 kWh    91.1 kWh121.01 kWh10 kWh/day
Validity28 days28 days28 days28 days
Customer supportYesYesYesYes
Price  ₹355  ₹855₹1255₹1000
Price per kWh ₹9.41₹9.38₹10.37 ₹3.57

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