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Established in 2004 and founded by technopreneur Samrath Kochar, Trontek had started as a small trading company for electronic components for TV, radio, chargers, and other electronic gadgets. In 2007, Trontek began offering lead-acid batteries for stationary energy storage. Over the next year, it expanded its portfolio to 2W mobility. And, thus the foundation to the brand TRONTEK was laid. 

It was in December 2012 when e-Rickshaws made their way into India that Trontek identified the untapped potential of electric vehicle batteries in the Indian market.

The company was amongst the first to launch e-rickshaw batteries to cater to the emerging demand. By 2014, Trontek had established itself as a major player in the e-rickshaw battery segment. It has also achieved the unique distinction of being the first company in India to introduce batteries for EVs in 2014, as well as to be the first company to introduce Li-ion batteries in 2017.  

The brand based its business on the principle ‘‘build product around the lives of people’’ and developed value for money e-Rickshaw batteries that were designed to deliver maximum mileage per charge.  Today, over 1 lakh e-Rickshaws are powered by Trontek batteries, as the company continues to increase its command on greater market share while offering excellent after-sales support all over the country.  

Strengthening its brand offering down the electric mobility pathway, Trontek launched the lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicle series, which were specially launched in January 2017 to serve e-bike, e-tricycle, and e-Car segments as well as supplying to major original equipment manufacturers in the Indian mobility segment. 

Today, Trontek holds the ‘Numero Uno’ position in the Indian EV battery market.

The first-mover advantage and technological innovations adopted in the Battery Management Systems developed by the R&D team have helped Trontek gain a strong foothold in the fast-growing EV battery space as the company established itself as one of the most credible brands offering world-class products in India. 

With a strong focus on the electric two and three-wheelers that comprise a significant share in the auto OEM segment, it is working with most of the leading OEMs across the country. The company has sustainability as the foundation of its business. Being a responsible alternative energy solution provider, it makes eco-friendly batteries to power life and energizes the future.

Trontek Manufacturing Plant and R&D 

Trontek is India’s leading Li-ion battery pack manufacturer with 0.3 GWh/ annum manufacturing capacity in NCR. The company has an integrated Li-ion Battery manufacturing unit in Delhi and an R&D and Design Center in Taiwan. While its lithium-ion batteries are pro-environment and are built to last, their USPs include maintenance-free operations, capable of rapid charging, and are highly safe to use.  

Trontek Products Range

Trontek’s product range includes Lithium-ion batteries for rickshaws, e-bikes, and stationary solutions for residential customers as well as streetlights.

Lithium-ion e-rickshaw (LifePO4) batteries showcase long life, high life cycle, safety, and high capacity. Its Lithium-ion phosphate batteries are employed for storage purposes in households, remote monitoring, and sensor systems, and are the ideal choice for solar storage applications.

The e-rickshaw batteries showcase the Company’s superlative engineering capabilities. They are thoughtfully designed with double-clad separation with a reinforced glass mat to provide density to the surface and the active material inside. This enhances the life cycle and durability of the battery. Trontek e-rickshaw batteries provide smooth and uninterrupted mobility to e-rickshaws. Once charged the batteries’ power lasts long, which results in higher mileage and more savings for the owner of the vehicle.

For two-wheelers as well, Trontek manufactures the most advanced battery packs available in the segment. Built with premium-grade material for extended durability, these lightweight e-bike batteries are ergonomically designed and offer tremendous mileage, long service life, and an intelligent battery management system. 

It’s cable-less, solar for streetlight batteries show smart capabilities, with the systems featuring smart MPPT controller, solar PV module, Bluetooth remote control, and motion sensors.

Trontek’s lithium-ion batteries for material handling equipment (MHE) provide minimal or no voltage drop throughout the shift. The highly safe and sustainable batteries boast superlative technologies, such as remote troubleshooting and wireless capabilities, superior performance, reduced cost.

It has a versatile product line with over 550 models designed to suit various customer requirements, enabling the company to deliver customized solutions for every make and model of truck.     



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