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Triumph TE-1 Electric Motorcycle 

  • Triumph Motorcycles has Unveiled the TE-1 Electric Motorcycle Prototype

Developed by Triumph Motorcycles and Williams Advanced Engineering, this new electric motorcycle takes styling cues from the British marquee’s naked roadster model Speed Triple RS.

The third phase of testing is over, the company has officially informed and now the next phase consists of road and track tests, and chassis and hardware have been finalized.


The Triumph TE-1 team has successfully finished Phase 3 by successfully building an early mule bike incorporating a battery, inverter, motor, and chassis into one machine for the first time.

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This was validated in real-life simulation work performed at WMG, which included detailed powertrain rig tests and simulations to assess safety-critical items related to motor function and vehicle control.


Alongside this work, the Triumph-led design of the bespoke chassis focused on delivering Phase 2 styling intent as closely as possible. Phase 3 of the project is now complete with the fully assembled TE-1 demonstrator prototype, photos of which have been revealed for the first time today.


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