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https://e-vehicleinfo.com/toroid-rudra-best-electric-bicycle-price-range-and-reviews/Toroid Technologies has created a product that is a perfect solution to the everyday problems faced by urban commuters. They created an arguably perfect product according to the needs of the user and it is also very sturdy and safe. This blog will focus on how Toroid has successfully tapped into the e-bike market and Toroid Rudra V2.0 Best Electric Bicycle: Price, Range, reviews, and more


Toroid Technologies came into existence when 4 engineers of the same team were traveling to various places of the country competing in the car building competition and the biggest problem for them was commuting. They faced a lot of problems when it came to commuting, it was very costly, local drivers would ask for a lot of money, on top of that so much pollution everywhere and going from one place to another felt like a hassle.

One day while sitting at the marine drive, an electric bus went across and that’s when the idea struck how about we build our vehicle, an electric vehicle that would solve the commuting problem? Electric bikes/ scooters were an option but manufacturing was expensive and providing its service and service accessibility everywhere was very tough, so they came up with electric cycles.

As the electric cycle requires very little maintenance so it was a good idea to go with it. And since then they haven’t looked back and they are just doing what they love, making people’s daily commute easier and protecting the environment.

Journey of Rudra

At Toroid, we are on a mission to design a vehicle that is purpose and utility driven. We have heard all your needs of yours and have designed Rudra V2.0. This electric bicycle is designed based on Indian consumer needs and purposes. All material is sourced from top companies. Rudra V2.0 is designed to sustain the Indian terrain and whilst meet the needs of an Indian consumer. We aim to design a cycle that exceeds your definition of an electric cycle.

Why Rudra V2.0 Electric Cycle?

The Toroid Rudra V2.0 is fully loaded with so many features that are designed according to the consumers’ needs.

| Driving Rangehttps://e-vehicleinfo.com/toroid-rudra-best-electric-bicycle-price-range-and-reviews/

People have been very anxious when it comes to the range of electric vehicles and to solve this problem, Toroid came up with a battery that can go up to 100kms on a single charge with their 20ah battery.

| Weigh Load

This cycle can load up to 125kgs weight on it which is a lot for a cycle. They designed this so that their customers can carry heavy grocery weight if needed.

| Carrierhttps://e-vehicleinfo.com/toroid-rudra-best-electric-bicycle-price-range-and-reviews/

Their carrier is made up of high-quality steel which makes it very durable. On top of that, there are several holes left in the carrier so that according to the consumer’s needs they can attach a basket or some accessories.

| Top Speed

The top speed of this cycle is around 30kmph which is more than enough to easily navigate through traffic, and cover good distances.

| Removable batteryhttps://e-vehicleinfo.com/toroid-rudra-best-electric-bicycle-price-range-and-reviews/

When you are out of battery, you don’t need to bring your charger outside. You can very easily pull the battery out and charge it inside your home inside.

| Mud Guards

The cycle comes with full-length mudguards and they are again made out of high-quality steel, making them very durable. The mudguards will keep debris and mud away so you enjoy a clean ride.

| Horns and Lightshttps://e-vehicleinfo.com/toroid-rudra-best-electric-bicycle-price-range-and-reviews/

This cycle also comes with horns and lights which helps in riding in the dark. Both these accessories are a very good and thoughtful addition to the cycle.

| Price

Toroid Rudra V2.0 electric cycle price starts from ₹43,000 and goes up to ₹55,000 in India, the price varies depending on the battery capacity and the gear options you choose.

Benefits to the customers

There are a lot of benefits to the customers when they switch to this electric cycle, and instead of asking Kitna deti hai? You should be asking kitna bachati hai? And the answer to that would be around 2,500per months which is a lot.

| Customer Reviews of the product

“I own a Toroid Rudra V1.1. This has helped me a lot. I am using it for 120km per day and have saved up to 2400rs per month. The cycle has been giving me the best performance and I suggest others purchase it as well. I am extremely satisfied. The services provided are also amazing.”Saroj Pradhan

https://e-vehicleinfo.com/toroid-rudra-best-electric-bicycle-price-range-and-reviews/“I own a Rudra V2.0.  get a range of 88km in real life. I am happy I am getting the claimed range. Initially, when I needed service I faced minor issues but since they have started home service in Pune and Mumbai I am able to get the desired service.

Also if you are looking for a long-range electric cycle this is probably the best one. Also, I just installed the new mudguards they do their work really well.” The Alpha Jargon

Climate Impact

Electric vehicles were made to minimize or eliminate pollution, and they are doing a really good job in that aspect. Up until now, Toroid has saved over 1.35Lakh Kilogram C02 from the commendable air.

In a world where the way we commute is changing, Toroid has created a new way to make commuting safer and easier. We hope you enjoyed this blog post that highlights the changes Toroid makes to the way we commute. 


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