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https://e-vehicleinfo.com/top-5-electric-bicycle-manufacturers-in-india-e-bicycle/Electric Vehicles are the new future and e-bikes will be the most used transportation leading to the gradual reduction of automotive pollution. Because the cost of charging an average electric bike will comprise 15 percent of the cost of fuel. That way, it can undoubtedly help us reduce our transport costs.

Electric bicycle manufacturers have a major contribution to Indian sustainable development, which is part of smooth and environmentally friendly transportation.

E- Bicycles are generally battery-powered and Several types of batteries are used in electric bikes. Depending on the type of battery, different electric bicycles offer different engine capabilities delivering a variety of speeds. Once the battery is drained, one can either charge the battery or swap the charged battery.

However, charging the battery at an electric charging station is primarily preferable. Based on geography, Asia-Pacific, Europe, and North America represent the primary users of EVs. Electric bicycles can be a major breakthrough, both environmentally and economically. As it can be an asset for an individual.

Indian Electric Bike Market Overview

E-bike Market is expected to reach USD 2.08 million by 2026, forecasting a CAGR of 12.69% during the forecast period (2021-2026).

Recently, e-bike sales in India have declined due to COVID-19. In 2020, the market generated revenue of US $ 1.02 million compared to the US $ 1.70 million in 2019. These low sales were the result of lockdown and economic slowdown in India. (Source)

 Top 5 Electric Bicycle Manufacturers in India

Following is the list of the top 5 electric bike companies in India. 

  1. Hero Cycle
  2. Geekay Bikes
  3. E-trio
  4. Nibe Motors
  5. Swagtron

HERO Cycle

https://e-vehicleinfo.com/top-5-electric-bicycle-manufacturers-in-india-e-bicycle/Hero Lectro E-cycles is an extensive range of electric bicycles in India manufactured by Hero Cycle under the label Hero Electro. With an appropriate motto of “ride anywhere,” the series introduced Hero LECTRO EHX20.

It is a pedal-assist E-Cycle powered by the center motor. With a sleek design at 135,000 INR, Hero LECTRO EHX20 comes with a Yamaha, 10.9 Ahx36V battery, and a range of 60-80 km per single charge.

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GEEKAY Electric Bicycle Manufacturers

GEEKAY Bikes: E-Bicycle Manufacturers

ELECTRIC BIKE ELITE is one of the excellent electric bicycles of a diverse range launched by the geekay bikes. At a price of 47,999 INR, It offers a high capacity 270wh battery with a capacity of 7.5 ah will give 50km of effort-free riding. And if you are someone who likes to collect mechanical things, then this bicycle is definitely for you because it is 85% montage.

It assuredly comes in a single package with all the essential tools required for proper assembly. And it doesn’t involve intricate steps as it barely requires 15 minutes for assembly.


https://e-vehicleinfo.com/top-5-electric-bicycle-manufacturers-in-india-e-bicycle/Taking the affordable price and effective range into consideration E-Trio’s Ashva would be one of the best e-bicycles in India. Made up of li-ion batteries of 7.8 ah it adequately accommodates a range of 80km per charge. It weighs approximately 25 kg. It comes at 33,779 INR which is a reasonable price of under 40,000.

Ashva Electric Bicycle – 80 Km in one charge

Price: Rs. 37,799
https://e-vehicleinfo.com/top-5-electric-bicycle-manufacturers-in-india-e-bicycle/Ashva has an advanced Li-ion battery of 18 ah which gives it an extra-long range.  

NIBE Motors

NIBE MotorsUnlike the usual generalized sleek styles of e-bicycles, NIBE Motors styles their e-cycles designs in different categories: Gents, ladies, Postman, Police, Indian Army, and Lipo. Ranging up to 100 km per charge, these Li-ion-based e-bicycles come at 36,666 – 38,499 INR depending on the model.

Special Highlight:

  • 50-70 Km Per Charge 
  • 100-120 Kg Loading Capacity 
  • 2-3 hrs. Charging Time 
  • Zero Pollution
  • Eco Friendly 

SWAGTRON Electric Bicycle Manufacturers

Swagtron EB-6 T Bandit Electric Bike 7 by Swagtron at 73,490 INR offers the ultimate adventure-proof e-bicycle for adventurous riders. With a 350-watt electric motor that can reach speeds up to 30 km/h. It is a fat-tiered bike resulting in smooth rides with a maximum load capacity of 120 kilograms.

The Indian E-Bicycles syndicate was estimated at USD 1.02 million in 2020, and it is anticipated to reach USD 2.08 million by the year 2026, pitching a CAGR of 12.69 % during the outlook period.


In key conclusion, numerous budding companies along with well-established industry leaders will get deeper into the Electric Bicycle Manufacturers industry. This might possibly lead us to an eventual environmentally friendly transportation system.

It would be a substantial asset to have an e-bicycle And as Robert Kiyosaki says “An asset puts money in my pocket. A liability takes money out of my pocket.”


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