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Tirex Chargers is one of the best EV Charger manufacturers with a 7-year tradition of meeting or exceeding customer needs in India. The company provides exceptional service and quality on every project, no matter how big or small.

Tirex EV is a leader in Internet-connected charging infrastructure in India, supporting all EV charging standards. Tyrex offers a complete solution: specific charging solutions for any type of location and connected services to grow your business.

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Mission & Vision 

Developing infrastructure would not only provide more charging options for drivers but would also promote awareness and range confidence for prospective electric vehicle owners. The development of a robust charging infrastructure network is widely considered a key transition to electromobility.

Tirex EV: Team 

Sanskar Patel, Founder, and MD

A seasoned entrepreneur with more than 21 years of experience across various domains of manufacturing.

Arth Patel, CEO and IT Director

Ex-Google and Computer Science graduate from the University of South Wales. Actively leading the software department as a young enthusiastic leader!

Features of Tirex EV Chargers

Tirex Chargers are created with reliability, maintainability, and durability thus the results in high-quality and which is future-proof. The features of Tirex Chargers are as follows:

  • Wide range of AC output voltage, high suitability of utility grid, three-phase three-wire input without a null line in the rectifier unit.
  • Has the function of protocol self-recognition, can realize the charging for electric
    vehicles without limitation of the brand.
  • Emergency protection and alarming function, including over-voltage, under-voltage, over-current, over-temperature, phase missing, output short-circuit leakage protection, and so on.
  • Charging protection function, the charging process will suspend immediately when BMS communication faults, disconnection, over-temperature, and over-voltage occur.
  • Has multiple communication interfaces such as CAN、RS485/RS232、Ethernet, 3G wireless networks.
  • The metal closed shell, to prevent fire.

Tirex EV: Products



Smartest 7Kw type Charger. Fully functional HD touch screen with RFID, 3G/4G, Ethernet Capabilities. Available in 3.3 Kw and 22Kw variants.

ChargerCapacity 7KW
Connector CCS AC Type 2
Output Connector: 1
Output Voltage: 230V
Output Current: 32 Amp Max
IP Protection IP54
OCPP 1.6 Upgradable
Capacity Available With:
  • Single Gun Type 2 AC with 3.3 kW capacity
  • A Single Gun Type 2 AC with 7 kW capacity
  • Single Gun Type 2 AC with 22 kW capacity

Bharat DC 001https://e-vehicleinfo.com/tirex-ev-charging-solution-company-in-india/

India’s smallest and most efficient Bharat DC 001. With a single 15Kw Module, our charger gives us the edge over 3 x 5Kw module users by giving 96- 97% operational efficiency.

Capacity Available With:
  • Single Gun Bharat GB/T with 15kW capacity
  • Easy and quick installation for faster return on investment
  • Supports a wide range of grid voltages
  • Designed to thrive in any environmental condition or temperature range
  • All in one unit with reinforced isolating transformer
  • Get real-time monitoring with OCPP 1.6

Bharat AC 001https://e-vehicleinfo.com/tirex-ev-charging-solution-company-in-india/

Standard Bharat AC001 with triple IEC60309 individual ports for a wait-free charging experience. Advance Touch screen display for multi- connecter use.

Capacity Available With:
  • Triple IEC60309 with 3.3kW power each
  • Supports simultaneous charging up to 3 EVs
  • Minimal wall or pole mount design
  • 3.3kW individual port power
  • 5-inch smart LED display
  • OCPP 1.6 compliant

EVMS 30 Serieshttps://e-vehicleinfo.com/tirex-ev-charging-solution-company-in-india/

Extremely compact 30Kw DC Fast charger With multiple connectors options between CCS2 and CHAdeMO, it is perfect for restaurants, commercial buildings to promote EVs.

Capacity Available With:
  • Single Gun CCS2 with 30 kW capacity
  • Single Gun CHAdeMO with 30 kW capacity
  • Double Gun CCS2 with 30kW capacity with simultaneous charging option
  • Double Gun CHAdeMO with 30kW capacity with simultaneous charging option
  • Single Gun CCS2 and Single Gun CHAdeMO with 30kW capacity with simultaneous charging option

EVMS60 SeriesEVMS60 Series Tirex EV Charging Solution Company in India

The most beautiful and advanced combo charger. Available in different capacities ranging from 60Kw to 240Kw. With connecter options of Combo or Dual gun CCS2, it is perfect for Station operators and Fleet Operators.

Capacity Available With:
  • Single Gun or Dual gun CCS2 with 60, 90, 120, 150 kW capacity
  • Combo CCS2 or CHAdeMO with 60 or 120 kW capacity with 22kW type 2 AC
  • Dual Gun CCS2 with 180, 240 kW capacity

EVDC 360

Tirex EV Charging Solution Company in India

Tirex EV offers the largest and most powerful charger in the market. With a whopping capacity of 360Kw and the ability to charge a single electric bus with dual GB/T connecters’ simultaneous usage, it is the perfect charger for heavy fleet operators. 

Capacity Available With:
  • Single Gun or Dual Gun GB/T with 90, 120, 150, 180kW capacities
  • Dual Gun GB/T with 360 kW capacity

EVCS Series Wall Box EV Charger + Mounting



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