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India’s leading electric car company Tata Motors has now introduced India’s No. 1 EV with new intelligent features, the EV named Nexon EV Prime. The Nexon EV Prime comes with some great features like multi-mode region, cross control, i-TPMS, smartwatch connectivity, etc.

Check out the highlights below:

India’s No.1 EV now with new intelligent features-

  • Multi-Mode Regen
  • Cruise Control
  • i-TPMS
  • Smartwatch connectivity and more for your everyday drives

Tata Motors tweeted sayingDear existing Nexon EV fam- we are also extending these new top-end features to you with a first-of-its-kind software update. And did we mention- Free of charge? 🤗 We’ll see you at our Authorized Service Centres from 25.07.22 onwards!


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