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Tata Nexon EV on Fire

A recent viral video of a Tata Nexon EV on fire has stirred up concern among electric vehicle enthusiasts. The incident occurred in Pune and showed the car engulfed in flames, while authorities worked to extinguish the fire.

Tata Motors Official Statement

In an official statement, Tata Motors disclosed that the cause of the recent fire incident involving a Tata Nexon EV was due to an improper replacement of the left headlamp at an unauthorized service center. The ill-fated replacement led to a short circuit that sparked the fire.

“We understand that this vehicle recently underwent repairs, wherein the left headlamps were replaced at an unauthorized workshop. Over an extended period of time, this led to a short and trapped heat. The fitment and repair process, at the unauthorized workshop, had shortcomings, which caused an electrical malfunction in the headlamp area leading to the thermal incident. The affected area is concentrated only in the zone of repairs carried out. We remain engaged with the customer to offer all the support needed.

Our appeal to all customers – The automotive market is constantly evolving with new technologies and modern electronic parts, both in ICE cars and EVs, which require trained craftsmanship. For the safety of our users, we urge our customers to get their vehicles fitted with on-spec components, accessories, and spare parts at authorized Tata Motors workshops, to avoid any such incidents.”

Previous incidents of Tata Motors’ fire

This isn’t the first time an electric vehicle has caught fire in India. In June of 2022, a Tata Nexon EV parked outside a restaurant in Mumbai also caught fire, sparking concerns about the safety of electric vehicles. However, despite the recent incident, the Tata Nexon EV remains the best-selling electric car in India.

How to avoid fire incidents?

It’s important to note that unauthorized repairs can void the warranty on a vehicle. Untrained individuals may tamper with the car, leading to further damage. If you experience any issues with your electric vehicle, it’s best to seek assistance from an authorized service center.

While the incident raises valid concerns about the safety of electric vehicles, it’s worth noting that fires can occur with any vehicle. Proper maintenance and adherence to manufacturer guidelines can go a long way in preventing such incidents. As the electric vehicle industry continues to grow, it’s essential for manufacturers to prioritize safety and address any issues that arise.

Writer’s remark

While the recent incidents involving the Tata Nexon EV are concerning, it’s important to remember that electric vehicles are still a relatively new technology. As the industry matures, we can expect improvements in safety and reliability. However, it’s up to both manufacturers and consumers to take responsibility for the safe use and maintenance of these vehicles.

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