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Tata New Nexon EV Max

As we have seen many times, Tata Motors is testing its new Nexon EV (a long-range variant) on Indian roads. Tata’s Nexon EV model has got a huge success in India, after which the company is planning to launch its new upgraded model of the 2021 Nexon EV.

The company has officially announced that the new long-range Nexon EV will be launched soon, the name of the EV is Nexon EV Max.

Tata Motors is expected to launch the long-range Nexon EV 2022 model on May 11, 2022. It will feature a bigger 40kWh battery pack, effectively increasing the car’s range to an estimated 400km on the official test cycle.

Note: The long-range Nexon EV (named Nexon EV Max) is expected to be sold alongside the existing Nexon EV, giving buyers a choice in terms of range and price.

The New Nexon EV Max (Long Range) Was Spotted recently With:


  • 40kWh battery (standard Nexon has 30.2kWh)
  • ~400km claimed range
  • Selectable brake regeneration strength
  • Cruise-control, ESP

Price in India and launch?

The new long-range Nexon EV is expected to launch on 11 May With a large 40kWh battery pack, which gives a range of 400km on a single charge. And it is likely to be priced between Rs 17 lakh-20 lakh (ex-showroom) in India.

Tata Motors launched its new EV on 6th April, TATA CURVV, and Tata AVINYA on 29 April, now it is expected that the company may launch its new upgraded model of its Nexon EV on 11th May 2022. 

Tata Motors Next Launch Event Date- 11 May 2022


  1. It should be under 16L..,may be ev cars are mainatance free and low transport expenses ,but when the time arrives to change batteries it makes big hole to your pocket.

  2. No time to think about Lower Middle Class. Thats how u quit in long run. Enjoy the money.. Telco business and it’s perks and how you exit from market.


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