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Tata Nexon EV Max

Tata Motors, the leading car manufacturing company in India, is set to launch a new upgraded model of the Nexon EV, a model named “Nexon EV Max” for the Indian EV market.

The charging options, ARAI claimed range, battery capacity and other attractive features of the Nexon EV Max are worth looking at. With a 40.5kWh battery and Sears’ ventilation, the features are nothing but a tough competition to the Indian market for electric vehicles.


  • Tata’s new Nexon will ride for 437 km on every charge which directly increases approximately 100kms from the standard Nexon models with an efficiency of 312 km on every charge. 
  • The Indian market is very concerned about the prices of EV models, and therefore, keeping that in mind, this range of Nexon will range between ₹18-₹20 Lakhs giving the Indian customers a sigh of relief. 
  • The new Nexon EV is among one of those 10 models that Tata is going to launch by 2025 including Tata Altroz and Avinya concepts. 
  • The inside features include wireless charging options for mobile phones and the gear lever’s illuminated dial.
  • The auto hold function complements the e-parking brake inside the Nexon Max. 
  • The old concept of rotary “gear selector” will be replaced with the brand new screen display of P-R-N-D. 
  • It has a capacity of 245 Nm and 136hp of torque output. However, with the addition of a new battery in the car, it can give 250Nm and 143hp of peak torque. 
  • The driver can adjust the regenerative brake (adjustable) with two teasers.

Prices In India 

Trims Charger Options Prices in Lakhs
Nexon EV Max XZ+3.3 kW17.74 Lakhs
Nexon EV Max XZ+7.2 kW AC Fast Charger 18.24 Lakhs 
Nexon EV Max XZ+ Lux3.3 kW18.74 lakhs 
Nexon EV Max XZ+ Lux 7.2 kW AC Fast Charger 19.24 Lakhs 


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