• Tata Motors introduced its new EV concept today.

Tata Motors introduced its new Electric SUV Concept “CURVV”

Tata Motors, the leading SUV brand, launched a new addition to Tata’s SUV family – Curvv. With Tata Motor’s Curvv, a customer experiences futuristic design and accelerating performance. This electric SUV is huge enough for you to carry your family for long trips, and yet efficiently compact to travel on the Indian congested roads. Even with these features, it has the most user-friendly interface for customers’ convenience.

Let’s unfold some of the unique and classy features of Tata’s new family member named “CURVV”

Events Highlights: 

  • The sleek arch augmentation with clean surfaces and clear lines gives Ture a sporty and elegant appearance. 
  • Stirring of the car is a next-generation technology where the driver can communicate with the interface comfortably. 
  • The cabin of the brand new ‘Curvv’ has been designed to prevent the claustrophobic feeling by augmenting the panorama sunroof to give smoothing light reflection. 
  • It has two screens in front of the driver, one of which convery infotainment and the other for better information communication with the driver.
  • ‘Curvv’ has a set of air-dynamic wheels to support all of your adventurous rides along with your family. 
  • The screens have heater controls with a touch screen interface which is easy to use. 
  • Tata Motors will first make Curvv available in EVs and ICE engines subsequently to boost the electric vehicle ecosystem. 

CURVV, different by design, is not only elegant but a sporty EV for the Indian market. 

Tata’s All-New Electric SUV “Curvv” Images


  1. Although I have great regard for the Indian Automotive OEM, the amount they spend on R and D is probably one of the lowest in the world. I would not like to say that Indian OEMs copied the Technology of MULTINATIONAL OEMs. It is just that they take Inspiration!

    CRUDE OIL, we are dependent on Imports, Lithium, Graphite, Lithium-Ion Battery we are once again dependent on Imports. It is good to see that OEM are moving fast in the direction of EVs. We do not have Public Charging Infrastructure, we do not have our own Lithium resource.

    Then, what is it that one should do considering the situation our country is in?

    1. Produce Lightweight Vehicles: Use Magnesium and Aluminum in a big way to reduce weight. 10% reduction in weight, would increase the mileage of an EV vehicle by 18% ( REPORT- US ENERGY ).
    Problem: With due respect to the Designers in the OEM, most of them are not capable of designing Parts using the complete Physical and Metallurgical strengths of Magnesium alloy. I cannot say much about Aluminum Alloys. This weakness is shrouded in Lame excuses and reasons such as Mg being explosive, Lack of Suppliers in India, etc, and the list can go on.

    2. Extract Lithium Hydroxide from LIMESTONE, which would be the Primary source of Lithium for Batteries.

    3. Extract Magnesium from DOLOMITE mines.

    • Hi Suraj, thank you for sharing your thoughts on this. I totally agree with you that we have to start working on creating self sustaining ecosystem, if we want this emerging alternative energy dependence ,to have any deep and meaningful impact. I hope the industry heads start to look at the sources of minerals and other raw materials like you suggested. If that can be coordinated and achieved, I think our country has the potential to be a global leader. Till then, a lot will depend on the policy realignment at higher levels.


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