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The Story of Tadpole Project (Delhi Based Retrofitting Solutions Provider) Jawaad Khan (Company’s Founder) Spoke to Us:

Pioneers in Electric Vehicles Research and Development incubated under IIT Delhi,  the mecca of technical pedagogy in India. Made our mark in the history of India’s Automobile sector by flag bearing the first IC Vintage Car conversion to Electric Vehicle, a Volkswagen Beetle.  

Providing affordable clean energy conveyance solutions to masses focusing on  waste management and power efficiency at the same time “Making electric cars  without adding new vehicles on the roads.” 

We have initiatives like planting trees, in the name of the engine that was relieved of duty from the car we retrofitted, and the planting of trees. Our company takes care of these trees. Giving back to mother nature could be considered one of our greatest achievements.  

What Compnay Offers?

Company Offers Affordable, reliable E- mobility Solutions for driving the wave of  new technology: 

  1. Removal of the engine, conversion of Vehicle into Electric, still retaining the feel of the car.  
  2. Adds 7 years to the life of the vehicle, 3 lac km or 2 years warranty on motor and 5years or 3 years warranty on the battery, 5 lac km. Mechanical losses in the  EVs are comparatively less. 
  3. Planting of tree in the name for every engine we take out. Inexpensive as compared to diesel, petrol, and CNG. Emission-free electrically updated vehicles.  

Benefits for You? 

  1. Affordable Clean Mobility Solution, easy on the pocket and the environment as  well 
  2. Fewer costs, no engine wears and problems, reduced maintenance, down to just wear parts like tires, brakes, shockers, for the entire life of the vehicle. 3. Soundless drive, emission-free vehicle, No pollution checks. 
  3. Technologically efficient, lower center of gravity, a wider range of choices,  given that any car can be converted into electric. Customizable range, not off the shelf, tailored to use. 
  4. Additionally, a tree would be planted on the name of the car’s engine number.

| Volkswagen Beetle 1962, now electric https://e-vehicleinfo.com/tadpole-project-delhi-based-retrofitting-solutions-provider/

| Hyundai Santro is now electric

| 1936 Austin 10 now electric

https://e-vehicleinfo.com/tadpole-project-delhi-based-retrofitting-solutions-provider/| Active Project Austin of England, retrofitting and restorationhttps://e-vehicleinfo.com/tadpole-project-delhi-based-retrofitting-solutions-provider/

Our Mentor, Head of CART Dept. Dr. B.K. Panigrahi Sir posing with Electric  Mercedes https://e-vehicleinfo.com/tadpole-project-delhi-based-retrofitting-solutions-provider/

We have done an array of vehicles, customized retrofitting, ranging from two-wheelers to construction equipment, vintage cars, regular day-to-day use cars,  modern cars, active projects include vintage car Austin of England, 30-ton crane, autonomous car for IIT.  

Cutting edge technology, advanced testing, research, and development equipment  that is being provided to us by IIT, FITT 

Development from scratch, developing technology made in India, not on unreliable third-party materials  The retrofitting service we offer, retains the transmission of the original car, thus retaining the feel of it.


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