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To facilitate electric vehicle travel for buyers, India’s first dedicated EV platform has been launched by the Delhi Government, a very informative online portal that includes features like EV Search and EV Calculator which provides details of annual savings on EVs.

The Aim to create an online portal “Switch Delhi” is to spreading awareness about electric vehicles in the state. and promoting EV adoption by providing convenience to EV buyers.

Switch Delhi – An online portal for all information regarding Electric Vehicles.

The Delhi EV policy is one of the better policies announced across the world that aims to curb air pollution.

The Delhi government aims to give momentum to the economy of Delhi after the setback caused by the coronavirus. This policy will give a strong impetus to the city’s economy and will lead to the adoption of electric vehicles.

Switch Delhi- Online EV Portal Includes features like-

EV Search – Everything you need to know about owning your own electric vehicle; Get vehicle specifications, explore your options, and it helps to find approved dealers near you.

EV Calculator– How Much Can You Save By Switching To EV? Calculate your annual savings, and find the ideal electric vehicle for your needs.

Find Electric charging Stations in the State – Wherever you are in Delhi, you will always be able to find a charging station near you. Explore nearby options, search by location, and find directions are the main highlights of the portal.

Promoting the Adoption of Electric Vehicles in Delhi


“We are committed to fulfilling each and every promise towards the successful implementation of the EV policy. Delhi now has over one lakh electric vehicles, and the citizens of Delhi have responded well to the policy as the adoption has increased manifold.” Said Kailash Gahlot (Transport & Environment minister of Delhi).

“This new website will be able to provide all required information to potential EV consumers and keep up to date with sales and daily growing charging infrastructure data, too,” he added.


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