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https://e-vehicleinfo.com/sonalika-tiger-electric-tractor-price-specs-highlights/Renowned India’s leading tractor automobile company Sonalika has introduced India’s first electric tractor Sonalika Tiger.

Sonalika Tiger Electric Tractor is equipped with an Atrac motor, which is claimed to provide high power density and high peak torque along with zero rpm drop for optimum performance.

Sonalika Electric Tractor price is around Rs. 5,99,000 (Ex-showroom price). This Electric Tractor is a great option for the farmer to increase his production at affordable prices. It has a 25.5 kW naturally cooling small battery with 35 horsepower which is IP67 certified.

Sonalika Tiger Electric Tractor Price


Price in India  Rs. 5,99,000 (Ex-showroom price)

Electric Tractor Tiger Specification

Power 10.5/21.3 Kw
Max. Forward Speed 24.93kmph
Lifting Capacity 500 Kg
Top Speed 24.93 Kmph
Charging Time 4 Hours

The Etrac motor of the Sonalika Tiger Electric tractor is said to provide excellent power density and high peak torque with 0% RPM drop for best performance.

The motor is combined with a 25.5kW natural-cooling compact battery that can be charged to 100% in 10 hours using a standard household charging outlet.

Sonalika also offers a fast-charging system that can fully charge Tiger Electric’s battery in under four hours. The Sonalika transmission is standard on the new Tiger Electric tractor. It has a top speed of 24.93 kmph and an 8-hour battery backup when used with a 2-tonne trolley.


  • 4D Air Cooling,
  • Fuel-Load Balancer,
  • Bigger Cubic Capacity, etc.

In India and around the world, Sonalika Tiger Electric provides reliable power as well as emission-free and noise-free farming. When compared to standard diesel and petrol-powered tractors, it is more cost-effective to operate.

It’s based on Sonalika’s tried-and-true tractor platform, making it farmer-friendly and simple to use. Sonalika Tiger Electric is also equipped with the same technological breakthroughs that European and American farmers have access to.

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