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Simple Energy Has Developed Most Powerful Electric Motor- Company’s Founder Twitted

Suhas Rajkumar (Founder and CEO Simple Energy) Wrote on Twitter- “the motor engineering team had a breakthrough!
One of the most important components of EVs, it was refined over the last two years — some 50 iterations later, we’ve created the most powerful motor of its size
Will play with it over the weekend and share the results soon⚡”

The Company Has Developed Most Advanced Electric Motor of Its Size – Says Company’s CEO

CEO (Simple Energy) Wrote on TwitterAt launch, #SimpleOne was already the most powerful But with continued innovation, the motor now boasts unmatched specs like: -72Nm torque -96% efficiency -Improved thermals and performance -Developed and #MadeinIndia -Patented design -Faster acceleration than what was promised”


Highlights of Simple Energy’s electric motor 

  • 72Nm torque 
  • 96% efficiency 
  • Improved thermals and performance 
  • Developed and made in India 
  • Patented design 
  • Faster acceleration than what was promised


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