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RunR Mobility- HS & HS+ Electric Scooters  

RunR Mobility: An Gujarat based EV startup is all set to enter the Indian EV market.
The company recently teased its first electric vehicles. RunR will enter the Indian EV market with two electric scooters- RunR HS and HS +. Powered by RunR Mobility, the firm manufactures 100% indigenous smart-electric scooters with swappable batteries. It boasts a massive, cutting-edge, 4.2-acre plant that can produce 500 vehicles per day. RunR Mobility is among the very few EV manufacturers in Asia with an innovation hub that includes in-house battery and motor testing.


Range & Design 

The upcoming RunR HS and HS+ models are expected to have a range of 100 and 140 kilometers on a single charge at an affordable cost.  It will also feature swappable batteries and a can-based BMS. The E- Scooter, which is estimated to be released in the first week of March, has a modern design and cutting-edge features such as an anti-theft alarm and a device locator. This model is notable for having alloy wheels and luminous LED tail lights.


Furthermore, among the best features, the company offers battery swapping and technology with real-time battery. In terms of additional functions, the smart high-speed model’s HS and HS+, with a high-contrast color LCD display, etc. are also available at an affordable price and are aimed at the MBOs and Fleet owners etc.

RunR Mobility’s numerous collaborations help to facilitate healthy knowledge exchange, which helps the entire EV ecosystem.

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