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https://e-vehicleinfo.com/recommerce-expo-to-be-held-in-bengaluru-in-may-2022/Recommerce Eco was introduced by our founder, Mr. Venkat Reddy, in Jan 2018, with a boldly rational vision to build an entire ecosystem to manage scrap generated by industries aptly. Our waste journey began with our flagship event Recommerce Expo in 2019, a B2B exhibition and conference for waste management and refurbished electronics.

Foreseeing the need to organize the entire industry, we have hosted a B2B Exhibition & Conference for e-waste management and refurbished electronics, which served as a platform for interaction with buyers and sellers from 60+ private and public companies and with government bodies.

Recommerce Expo 2020, at the inception of the pandemic, could attract more than 1200+ Visitors. The trust and values built in the partners could give us the conviction to diversify our endeavor into the scopes of Textile recycling, Food waste Management, Renewable energy recycling, reverse logistics economics, heavy machinery reuse, medical equipment refurbishing, Sustainable Construction and Waste Management and Industrial Scrap reuse and recycling, Automobile Recycling and more.

The Recommerce Expo-2022 is now Back and is Bigger with over 60+ speakers, 65+ Exhibitors, 600+ Delegates, 3000+ visitors and outstanding support from 10+ Government agencies to be held on the 18th, 19th, and 20th of May 2022 at the Lalit Ashok, Bengaluru. It is a 3-day event conceptualized to create a platform for the E-Waste, Battery, and Automotive recycling professionals in India to converge, communicate & collect information on innovations across the globe.

  • A sourcing point for the latest E-waste, Battery, Automotive Recycling, Refurbishment products, systems, and solutions.
  • An annual networking point for product suppliers & solution seekers to connect, establish and grow.
  • A knowledge center for understanding the innovative & new technologies in municipal, industrial, E-Waste, Battery, and Automotive sectors.

This event will bring together the entire Recycling industry in one extensive showcase: OEMs, component & service providers, battery technology companies, mobility service providers, software providers, charging systems and solution providers, Investors, etc. to showcase the latest advancements in E-waste, Battery and Automotive Recycling options, and business opportunities before an enthused audience in a highly dynamic and engaging environment.

A great opportunity to network with your peers from academia and industry:

  • All the Stakeholders (both Academia & Industry) of the Sector
  • Researchers & Innovators
  •  Experts Looking for Collaborative Work
  •  Product Developers
  • Solution Providers
  • Sales & Marketing Professionals
  • Associations, Societies, & Professional Bodies
  • Funding Agencies & Fundraisers
  • Management Bodies
  • Decision Makers

Be the first to showcase your research, innovation, and brand to gain competitive advantages. Meet your target audience and explore your product and services.

  • To Meet Experts
  • Learning In a New Space
  • New Tips & Tactics
  • Certification
  • Global Networking
  • Rebuild New Customer Base
  • Brand Establishment

Top Reasons to Attend

  • Access the latest information on innovative technologies and processes, including sustainable means of waste recycling/management
  • Gain insight on how successful experiences on waste recovery and use have been carried out in other regions and how the market of products and energy from waste works elsewhere
  • Explore the social dimension, how the not-in-my-backyard concept has been addressed in successful projects, and consensus built.
  • Learn about the critical role of the public and policymakers

Recommerce Expo-The Third Edition will ensure a direct opportunity for international cooperation and business promotion by providing quality orations by eminent specialists, researchers, and buyer-seller meetings.

This is the next step to meeting your new business opportunities and growing bigger within the recycling community. 

We are Evolving to build an ecosystem to bring together, collaborate and expand the various stakeholders responsible for changing the current Recycling industry. 

With a vision to revamp the Recycling Practices, be a part of Recommerce Expo-Third Edition to Experience the Inexperienced!


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