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Raptee Electric Bike

Raptee Energy is an electric mobility startup based in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, which is looking to revolutionize the mid-premium motorcycle industry in India. The company is launching its electric bike in the Indian E2W market, here are the price, range, and specifications of the Raptee Electric Bike.

The EV Starups building a high voltage software-driven electric motorcycle that will supersede its gas-powered counterpart in terms of performance, reliability, comfort, and most of all cost of ownership, while building our IP across various sub-components including drivetrain, battery, chassis, software, and safety systems. 


This Electric Bike is the first two-wheeler to run on a high voltage (240V) powertrain, which makes it compatible with the existing public charging infrastructure in place for electric cars.

It has a top speed of 135 kmph with a real-world range of 150 km. This Electric motorcycle is smart – they form a connected hive through a neural network; rider data is analyzed and fed back into the vehicles to make it better by the day.

Being software-driven, company vehicles can be monitored and issues fixed through over-the-air troubleshooting and updates. Thus eliminating the need for users to take their motorcycles to a physical service center.

The company understands that riding a two-wheeler isn’t entirely safe, so they’ve put together active and passive safety monitoring systems to make the rider’s daily commute safer.

 Specs & Highlights

Commuters of the modern-day need more than just a vehicle that runs on electricity that replaces fuel consumption.

The company saw the need for an electric motorcycle that will address the performance and infrastructure limitations of the current two-wheeler market which is primarily focused on entry-level electric two-wheelers (<150cc). With the power unit company builds, electric motorcycles can reach a top speed of 135 Kmph and have a 150 km RW range.

Raptee motors are building the first-ever High Voltage-based software electric motorcycle that operates on a 240V drivetrain (patented), which is in contrast to the 48-98V systems that are currently prevalent in the market require a unique charging infrastructure to be set up. 

Raptee motorcycles follow the CCS2 standard of charging, which is the most widely used standard of charging globally. This makes the first and the only electric two-wheeler to be able to leverage existing public charging infrastructure that’s already in place for other electric 4-wheelers.  

The Raptee electric two-wheeler will directly support both AC charging and DC fast charging, both at home and public charging points. The vehicle can charge up to 80% in 25 mins in DC fast charging.

Companies’ vehicle control unit (VCU) makes these motorcycles intelligent and smart. It predicts and constantly minimizes energy consumption based on the company’s inbuilt AI. 

Riders can monitor updates and vehicle status on FOSSIL, on the company proprietary vehicle management dashboard. With smart connectivity features and continuous status monitoring, the rider will be notified of critical statistics and ride history through this app. 

that Raptee Energy realized the need for safety systems in two-wheelers which is why the company has developed low-cost active and passive safety systems that make the daily commute much safer. The VCU has features like slip reduction and collision detection to make this possible. 

With the new technology- state-of-the-art ML algorithms, the user will get the maximum output from the vehicle with virtually no effort. The user will be spending up to 95% less on maintenance costs on the raptee electric bike and will be looking at only Rs. 0.2 per km as fuel cost (Compared to a 250cc ICE vehicle).


The Raptee electric bike comes with a 200 km range and has a top speed of 150 kmph.

Range 150km real range
Top Speed150kmph
Battery Capacity 2.4 kWh 
Charging Time80% in 45min
Acceleration 0-60kmph (<3 sec) and 0-100kmph (7 Sec)
Dual-Channel ABS


Price in India to be announced



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