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https://e-vehicleinfo.com/pure-ev-recalls-its-2000-e-scooter-after-recent-fire-accidents/Pure EV officially recalls its 2000 e-scooter models ETRANCE+ and EPLUTO after the recent fire accidents.

The company wrote in the statement-  “PURE EV Official Statement on Recall of Vehicles,  In view of the recent fire incidents involving our vehicles in Nizamabad and Chennai, PURE EV has decided to recall 2000 vehicles from the models ETRANCE+ and EPLUTO 7G of the concerned batches.

The vehicles and batteries therein shall undergo a thorough check for their health. We shall inspect the battery for any imbalance issues and shall calibrate through our device BATRICS FARADAY. Additionally, the BMS and charger calibration shall be carried out as required.

The Company shall reach out to all the customers through the dealership network and ensure an expeditious campaign for health checkups in the larger interest of all stakeholders.

PURE EV takes the safety of its customers and vehicles very seriously. We continue to conduct numerous service camps in the customer’s interests and disseminate information related to best practices for vehicle and battery safety.”


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