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Pi-EV, formerly called the FS Electric Vehicle Concept Challenge (FSEV), is a conceptual engineering design competition. This season will mark the 6th consecutive annual challenge which will be held virtually from June 17 through to July 2, 2022.

Twenty-one post-secondary student teams have registered for the Pi-EV 2022 competition out of which 19 are based in India and 2 are from Indonesia.

Pi-EV is developed around the premise to challenge engineering students on their design of an electric vehicle, as per the Formula Student guidelines. Student teams engage in a knowledge-building exercise that tests their engineering design methodologies, team management and procurement strategies, and software integration principles.

Pi-EV 2022 will see the voluntary engagement of 72 industry experts from all over the world who will be engaged as judges and reviewers in the respective competing events within the competition. 

This mini-challenge is a sub-event of the Formula Bharat student competition, which is an annual platform that is dedicated to promoting hands-on practical engineering skills through engaging students in the design, build, and testing of a life-size Formula-style vehicle.

Pi-EV was designed on the premise to provide students an opportunity to evaluate their conceptual vehicle design, prior to dedicating efforts toward building a physical prototype of an electric vehicle at the Formula Bharat competition. Teams that have participated in Pi-EV have found themselves to be prepared and set up for success, through the feedback they receive from judges during the competition. 

Pi-EV 2022 is pleased to have the support of its Silver Level Sponsor, Ather Energy. Ather has previously collaborated with this competition in multiple areas since its conception in 2018, including awards sponsorship.

Prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, participating student teams also had the opportunity to compete at the Ather Energy HQ in Bengaluru, which was a unique experience for the students who had an opportunity to network with Ather employees while also engaging in test rides with Ather Energy’s released scooter models.

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While we hope to return back to hosting a physical event in the future at Ather Energy’s premises, we are appreciative of the support that the organization has provided towards the growth of the Pi-EV platform and the students involved. Pi-EV Team


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