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Today, Ola Electric hosted a live event on YouTube, unveiling a series of groundbreaking announcements that signify a paradigm shift in the electric vehicle landscape. True to their commitment to breaking the ICE Age, the company has shattered barriers and introduced exciting surprises. The company has started the purchase of S1X- 2kWH and 3kWh battery packs with affordable pricing. Taking a leap in performance, Ola Electric has also launched a higher-tier 4 kWh battery pack for S1X, delivering an impressive 190 km range, setting a new standard for efficiency in electric vehicles. Not stopping there, the company is amplifying its commitment to customer satisfaction by expanding its service center network from 400 to 600 by the next quarter, ensuring comprehensive support for its growing user base.

Addressing the crucial need for charging infrastructure, Ola Electric is set to install 10,000 additional charging stations by the next quarter, further promoting the widespread adoption of electric vehicles. Finally, Ola Electric is redefining confidence in electric vehicle ownership by introducing an industry-leading 8-year battery warranty, covering up to 80,000 km. 

Let’s delve more into the specifications of the 4kWh battery pack of Ola S1X:


The aesthetics of the S1X variant with a 4 kWh battery remain unchanged, showcasing the same sleek, crisp, and clear design that defines the Ola Electric brand. This e-scooter is adorned with an array of features, including an LED headlight, tail light, turn signal lamp, and a low battery indicator. These elements not only contribute to the scooter’s stylish appearance but also enhance visibility and safety on the road.


SpecificationOla S1X [4 kWh Variant]
Top Speed90 km/h
Range190 km
Acceleration3.3 sec 
Motor6 kW
Battery Capacity4 kWh
ModesEco, Normal, Sports
Screen Size4.3″



The Ola S1X 4 kWh variant is priced at ₹1,09,999, and customers can make purchases starting today, with deliveries scheduled for April 2024. This strategic move not only puts the Ola S1X within reach for electric vehicle enthusiasts but also outlines a clear timeline for those eager to experience the cutting-edge features of the 4 kWh variant.


1. Service Center Expansion: Enhancing Support for Users

Ola Electric has embarked on an ambitious plan to expand its service center network from the existing 400 to an impressive 600 by April 2024. This substantial 50% increase in the service network reflects the company’s commitment to providing enhanced support and assistance to its growing user base. The expansion ensures that Ola S1X owners will have even greater accessibility to service centers, reinforcing Ola Electric’s dedication to customer satisfaction. 

2. Charging Infrastructure Revolution: Powering Ahead with 10,000 Charging Stations

In a groundbreaking move towards bolstering the charging infrastructure, Ola Electric has announced the installation of 10,000 additional charging stations by the next quarter. This strategic initiative not only aims to cater to the growing demand for electric vehicles but also brings a remarkable advancement in fast charging capabilities. With the ability to achieve a 50 km range in just 23 minutes, this represents a remarkable 75% increase in fast charging efficiency. Furthermore, Ola Electric introduces a convenient portable home charger option, available for purchase at ₹29,999, marking a significant step in making charging solutions more accessible for users.

3. Battery Life Assurance and Innovative Warranty Options

Ola Electric is setting new industry standards by assuring that their electric vehicles have double the lifespan of a conventional petrol scooter. The major announcement comes in the form of an 8-year battery warranty, covering up to 80,000 km, provided at no extra cost. This warranty not only guarantees long-lasting peak performance but also signifies Ola Electric’s confidence in the durability of their EVs. Taking it a step further, Ola Electric introduces an innovative option allowing users to add kilometers to their battery warranty. For those aiming to ride 100,000 km, the battery can be obtained at the cost of ₹49,999. Similarly, for extended travel up to 125,000 km, customers can purchase the battery pack for ₹129,999, providing a flexible and personalized approach to battery life assurance. 







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