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  • The battery of Ola Electric S1 Pro suddenly drained 0%, the user had to wait for hours on the roadside. 

The Companie’s best and premium electric scooter S1 Pro was in news recently due to a fire accident (where the company is investing the matter internally), the e-scooter has issues like sudden battery drain.

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An OLA S1 Pro user named CA John Paul George Write briefly about this issue on social media- ” Ola Electric Bhavish Aggarwal ….Happily stuck at the middle of the road for the past 1.5 hrs and thanks to super-fast road side assistance, will be stuck for an hour more😖😖🤷🤷 don’t know wat to respond…. brand new ola S1 PRO (just 3 weeks after delivery)….thrice now the battery has gone to 0% during the middle of the ride…. purchased this vehicle with lots of excitement but unfortunately Ola Electric has been pathetic in meeting the overall expectation (to say the least)
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The user further replied to someone comment’s “Hi ….charge is there but suddenly either the battery is draining too fast or it is a malfunction with the vehicle operating system…but once it shows battery 0% then vehicle wont just start”