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Ola S1 Air vs Ather 450X Base Model 

In this article, we are going to compare the top contenders in the field of electric two-wheelers Ola S1 Air vs Ather 450X Base Model. With a plethora of options available in the market, it can be challenging to make an informed decision while purchasing one.

Both these scooters have their own unique features and specifications that cater to the different requirements of the buyers. So let’s compare both scooters and make sure that no purchases are uninformed.

Ola S1 Air


Ola S1 Air was built with the target audience of daily commuters who don’t require a huge range or battery pack, or attract extravagant prices. The scooter is offered in three variants namely Base, Mid, and Top.


S1 Air base varaintOla S1 Air mid varaint S1 Air top varaint
Battery Capacity2kWh3kWh4kWh
Motor4.5kW 4.5kW 4.5kW
Top Speed85km/hr85km/hr85km/hr
PriceINR 84,999INR 99,999INR 1,09,999



These features come in handy in all the variants.

Boot space34L
Body ToneDual
Acceleration0-60 in 9.3 seconds
Charging0-100 % in 4.5 hours using a home charger
Touch screen7inches
SeatingSculpted seat
DesignFluidic design that comes with Grab Handle
SuspensionRear Twin Suspension
Additional features2.2 GHZ 8-core processor, 3 GB Ram, Bluetooth, WIFI, and GPS
Colors5 colors
Peak Power4.5kW
ModeEco, Normal, Sports
Extended Warranty5 years or 60,000


Price and EMI option 

The base variant starts at INR 84,999 and goes up to INR 1,09,999. The EMI per month for this scooter is INR 1,999 and the booking price is INR 999.


The deliveries for Ola S1 Air will start from July 2023. This was signaled by the company during the launch in February.

Ather 450X Base Model


Now it’s time to compare the second competitors which is Ather Energy’s Ather 450X Base Model. Recently, the Ather scooter made great strides in the EV two-wheeler segment with the launch of its new Ather 450X Pro pack. The pro pack is a different story that we’ll discuss later.


Battery Capacity6.4 kWh
MotorPMS Motor
Range105 km true range and 146 km certified range
Top Speed90 kmph
Acceleration0-40 km/h
3.3 s



Boot space22 L
Body ToneSingle color
Weight108 kg
ChargingHome charging

It can juice 40 km in 5hr 45 minutes.

0 – 80% in12 h 15 min
SpeakerThere are no speakers on Ather scooter
Touch screen7-inch touchscreen in Greyscale
OSAther Stack 5
Battery Warranty3 years or 30,000 km with IP 66 Rating battery protection
Gradedibility20 degree
Suspension 170/177m
Additional featuresBluetooth connectivity that allows access to phone calls, music, etc.

Tow & Theft notifications, Find Ather Grid points near you, Check charge status, Multi-stop, Trip Planner, Locate your scooter, park assistance

Colors6 colors
Peak Power5.4kW
ModeNo riding modes

Comparison Between  Ather 450X Base Model vs Ola S1 Air

 Ather 450X Base Model Ola S1 Air 
Battery Capacity3.7kWh2/3/4 kWh
Range105 km true range and 146 km certified range85km-165km depending on battery capacity
Max Torque26Nm
Top Speed90kmph85kmph
Acceleration0-40 km/h in 3.3 s0-60 in 9.3 seconds
Charging 0-80% in 12h 15 minutes0-100 % in 4.5 hours using a home charger
Gradedibility20 degreeNo feature
Riding ModeNo modeEco, Normal, Sports
Warranty3 years or 30,000 km5 years or 60,000 km
Motor TypePMS MotorHub Motor
Price ₹98,079 ₹84,999-1,09,999


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